Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy Week 8/1/10

Oh my goodness, life’s been crazy this last week. Thankfully, things have begun to slow down as each days gone by though. Some highlights from this last week…

Monday I got home from school around three and found my Mom still not showered for the day diligently working outside in the yard. Somehow, despite it being a Monday I was exhausted! I walked outside and began to work. As we were working, she pointed out to me all the things we needed to get done in the yard...we were both so tired, yet both trying our hardest to be optimistic because we knew that the work needed to be done. (My younger sisters that can normally help us were all out of town for the week) I was unable to persuade my Mother to go inside so that I would finish the yard work, and her unable to persuade me to let her finish it up, so we worked side by side figuring it would be quickest that way. I told her that I wanted to at least mow the lawn and she agreed. As we worked I kept telling myself over and over that if I didn’t do the lawn today I would have it looming in front of me to do Tuesday, and decided it would be best if I did it now. After a bit I looked up to see some of my Dad’s foremen mowing and edging the lawn for us! I was so happy! My Mom and I were able to finish what we needed to do in about an hour, and the lawn was taken care of. I’ve really got no idea how my Dad knew that we would be so exhausted, or that he knew the two of us had so much to do, but I was so grateful he did know and sent us some help! Definitely made my day. :) Reminds me of the whole “pass it on” service theme.

Tuesday was also a busy day full of studying and preparations. Because we were planning a date night for Relief Society I went shopping Tuesday night with the rest of the Relief Society presidency and we got everything we needed. Oh how I’ve enjoyed working with those gals.

Wednesday I had the Relief Society date night at my house. About 80 people showed up, it was a lot of fun. After everyone arrived and talked for a few minutes we had a barbeque for dinner. Following dinner we split people into four teams, had them go through our back gate into the school yard that backs my house, and started two giant games of kick-soccer; those that didn’t leave to play kick-soccer played volleyball, or socialized. Subsequent to kick-soccer we had dessert and two campfires going for everyone to roast marshmallows and mingle. Again my Dad stepped in to save the day and did all the grilling for me! My date was great, I felt bad…I was really a horrible date…I ran around like a mad woman- refilling foods, cleaning up messes, and taking care of everything, and he helped the whole time! Haha, I actually sent him off with another friend to pick up a part for one of the barbeques, and then the two of them again for more food when I was worried there wouldn’t be enough…but when he was actually at the party he helped me the entire time! Poor guy even drove himself to my house, he told me not to worry about leaving and coming to pick him up, and he was the last one to leave at the end of the night. I was really glad it wasn’t it a blind date! Lol, oh the wisdom I had in asking a good friend to come with me…he was a lifesaver and we still had fun, we tried to make up for the evening chatting on my front porch for awhile after everyone left. I didn’t end up going to bed until about two that night…I’m not a night person at all, I was so tired! All in all I felt like the event was a success.

I decided Wednesday night that I was not going to wake up early the next day…I had already been exhausted before my late night jaunt and didn’t want to go to school and try to function on four hours of sleep. Thursday I slept in until nine, and then feeling sufficiently lazy ran errands, went to the gym, and tried to work on homework. (I’ve never had such a hard time trying to make it through cardio at the gym…my muscles were shot!) Honestly, I just couldn’t work on homework and read instead of studying for much of the time I should have been working. My brain just wouldn’t concentrate; I just wanted to go back to bed! Oh well.

Friday I went out with friends to dinner. Had a great time. Knowing that I had tons of stuff I needed to get done I skipped out on the movie afterwards and went home to study since I’d failed to study the day before. The thought of going home to study was a really nice idea, and I made it home, but I ended up just falling asleep after a few minutes of working. Oh brother, this continuous sleepiness is ridiculous!

Saturday was much more productive. I ran more errands I needed to do, and then planned my lesson for Relief Society the next day. Some of my family and I had planned to go to the Hale Center Theater for a play, that was a lot of fun to go to. Afterwards we went to dinner together. On our way home my Mom showed my younger sister and me my parent’s first two houses they lived in when they got married. I’d never seen the houses; it was fun to see where they had first lived and hear my Mom talk about it. Again, I had wishful thoughts of studying for my Dance History midterm…didn’t happen. :S

Today, Sunday, has been busy, but relieving. I woke up, got ready and went to a welfare meeting before church. Next was church. I knew I was going to be released from my calling in the Relief Society and that was taken care of in Sacrament Mtg. Second hour I was in a welcome meeting for visitors to the ward…that got out just a few minutes before the end of classes for that hour so I just talked in the hall until third hour. Despite being released I was still in charge of RS for today. I got to RS and quickly organized everything, and handed all the notes to our secretary so that she could conduct since I was teaching and thought it might be a little odd to both conduct and teach. (The Pres was gone, and the second counselor told me she had to leave early). Once everything was set and the meeting started I felt as if things were running much better. Teaching is a lot of fun, I really enjoy conducting groups of people, but I always get a bit nervous! I didn’t feel like today was my best lesson, but oh well, I think I still got my point across. The lesson was on service. Here it is the end of the day, I really enjoyed being in the RS presidency but I knew it was time for someone else to have the opportunity to be. I loved the opportunities I had, the girls I got to know, and all the crazy experiences we went through. I’ll miss it. Besides missing it, I feel like I’ve had a massive weight lifted from my shoulders today. I no longer have the responsibility of organizing teachers and music, going to additional meetings, and being on top of everything else the presidency does. I’m excited to sit back and let someone else take that role for awhile. Today’s been nice because I was able to successfully make it to and through all meetings, give my lesson (that’s been stressfully hanging over me!), and take a breather from my responsibility in the presidency. Phew!

This week has been busy, I feel like I’ve accomplished almost everything that has been looming in front of me. Thank goodness. I can now focus on studying for my Dance History midterm, take it this week, finish my Dance History timeline, and then breathe a massive sigh of relief. I’m almost there! Two more major points I’ve gotta hit… I’ll find the energy to do them both. (Heavens, this synopsis makes me sound like I’m suffering from mono or something lol, I’m not. Somehow I’m just abnormally tired this week!) After those two things are done, I’ll be feeling so much more carefree. I’m more than halfway there. Carefree…here I come.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July

Breakdown of my 24th of July... Saturday I went on a hike to Cecret Lake with some of the fam! I got to carry my little niece on the way up (on one of those hiker packs that the baby is strapped to the front of you). I loved hiking as I listened to her jabber away about nothing I could understand in front of me. The view at the top of the mountain was beautiful, and Cecret Lake was nice to look at. I think it is remarkable how protective people instinctively are…never in my life have I liked heights. Whenever I have hiked in the past, which is not often, I walk as close to the mountain as possible. Hiking with my nieces and nephews was a whole new experience. All previous apprehension I have for heights seemed to diminish when I had a child next to me, I automatically took the edge of the mountain and made sure that my nieces and nephews were on the inside. I didn't have time to think about myself for a moment; the entire experience was so nice because I concentrated on them the whole time! Haha, it's hard to think about yourself when your mind is occupied with a baby attached to the front of you, another niece holding your hand that you're helping to stay stable, and a wailing nephew behind you because he is afraid of the height. It reminds me of life, things might be kinda crazy when you're juggling a bunch, but I'm way happier when I concentrate on others!

We got back to my house around four in the evening. About five, some of my family (different than had come on the hike) came over for dinner. We celebrated two birthdays and just talked. I got two new pairs of pointe shoes sewn as I socialized. Summer nights outside on the back porch are one of my favorite things. I enjoy the warm air, company, and beautiful sky. Hope all ya'll had a great holiday as well. : )

Random Thought 7/25/10

Society is structured in such a way that no matter where you live, or who you are, you are expected to conduct yourself in a certain way. Children raised in wealthy regions are expected to behave in certain manners, and other mannerisms are anticipated from people raised in impoverished areas. Similarly, in the United States a female looking at a male in the face while the two are speaking is considered normal, confident, and oftentimes even expected; whereas, in other areas of the world, like Egypt, such audacious actions are perceived quite differently. History has proven time, and time again, that even within societies perceptions of what is, and is not, appropriate alters from one generation to the next.

It is amazing to me how so much of what we do is solely because that is what is expected of us. I wonder what would be different if I wasn't expected to fulfill any kind of agenda or… typecast, for lack of a better word. Perhaps if I hadn't grown up surrounded by the dominant religious influences I did, the neighborhood I know inside out, the people I associate and associated with, and the primarily Republican state that feeds the news to us, I would have different outlook on life.

Observations of the vicinity I grew up in verifies that people dress similarly, eat alike, and even address one another in a standardized way. When I wake up in the morning it is anticipated that I will "get ready," and proceed on with myself productively. If I decide to sleep in, or alter my routine, I'm asked if I'm ill- what has gone awry. This is not an exclusive example, the same is inquired of any of you if your standardized routine is amiss.

Interestingly, people, myself included, even alter the way they behave depending on where they are, and what they are doing. There are some places I go, that I allow others to lead, delegate, and determine what is to be done. Other times I feel a desire, or sometimes even an obligation to conduct, and direct the group. It's fascinating that the entire populace regularly anticipates such variation in leadership, depending on where you are.

The community we're surrounded by revises the way most everyone dresses, speaks, and a myriad of other things. I wonder how, or if, my mannerisms would alter if I were to reside elsewhere. How many things would change if there were no external expectations from others, if you fulfilled and believed only what made you happy? For me, such queries have been a bit mind boggling! I would like to say I suppose I would be very similar to the way I am, but I don't imagine anyone can absolutely know that. I'm pretty happy with who I am. I think it will be interesting to think about this over the next couple days, and see if anything I do changes- just for curiosity's sake.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In the Here and Now 6/23/10

Recently I've started reading an intriguing book that a friend lent me. The book was written by a man by the name of Osho, it is titled Courage The Joy of Living Dangerously. I've only just begun this book, however, already it has proved to be immensely interesting to me. Osho looks at life from a perspective that I have never before considered. Since I have started reading I have constantly been thinking of my own life and how I identify with the world. So fellow readers, I figured I'd share one small snippet of my thoughts with you…maybe get you thinking as well. :)

Until this last year I have never realized, to the extent I do now, the importance of simply living in the moment. I feel that in the past I have set goals for myself having decided that I will reach these aspirations no matter what. As result, I believe I have almost neglected truly living in the present. It's not that I haven't been content with my life, it's simply that I have, in a small way, been over anticipating the next step I need to take to progress in life. I am now focusing on merely being present in the moment, every moment, every day. A wise friend of mine once pointed out that "time is just something that we construct, let it go." I am now striving to 'let go' of the timetable that humans seem to create. Instead, I am now working solely on living in the now. My ballet teacher I took from growing up chose a song for me to do my final lyrical dance to before leaving her studio…"This Is My Now" by Jordin Sparks

There was a time I packed my dreams away
Living in a shell, hiding from myself

There was a time when I was so afraid
I thought I'd reached the end
Baby that was then
But I am made of more than my yesterdays

This is my now,
And I am breathing in the moment
Cuz I look around
I can't believe the love I see
My fears behind me,
Gone are the shadows and doubts
That was then, this is my now

Had to decide was I gonna play it safe
Or look somewhere deep inside
and try to turn the tide
Find the strength to take that step of faith

This is my now,
And I am breathing in the moment
Cuz I look around
I can't believe the love I see
My fears behind me,
Gone are the shadows and doubts
That was then, this is my now

And I have the courage like never before, yeah
I've settled for less but I am ready for more
Ready for more
This is my now,
And I am breathing in the moment
Cuz I look around
I can't believe the love I see
My fears behind me,
Gone are the shadows and doubts
That was then, this is my now

This is my now,
And I am breathing in the moment
Cuz I look around
I can't believe the love I see
My fears behind me,
Gone are the shadows and doubts
That was then, this is my now

This is my now

In reality, I don't think 'fears and doubts' should ever dissipate from a person's life. "Courage is not the absence of fear…it is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it." (-Osho) Fears and doubts help to create a portion of what makes life intriguing, what pushes you beyond what you believe you have the capacity to achieve. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that "This is my now." From now on I will strive to live nowhere but in the moment.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hero 6/13/10

Hello blogging world! I have decided I thoroughly enjoy blogging, so despite having just blogged yesterday, have made time to blog more today. :)

A few months ago my Dad started to have a lot of swelling in his legs and feet, although hesitant to meet with the doctor he finally made the decision to go in a few weeks ago. When he went in they discovered that there is something going on with his heart. Today he had a meeting with the cardiologist to find out results from his tests…the test results weren’t what we were hoping for…an appointment will be made soon to determine whether or not open heart surgery is necessary.

As I talked to my Mom to find out what went down at the doctor, and have thought since, I haven’t known where to place my emotions. Instead I have again determined one truth that I’ve known my entire life, my Dad amazes me; he has and always will be one of my hero’s. Never have I met anyone as positive and happy as my Dad despite the trials that have been thrown at him in life.

He approaches everything as an optimist, and remains so, no matter the circumstances. Dean Acheson once said “I learned from the example of my father, that the manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured.” This quote reigns true in my Father’s example for me; he will forever be my exemplar.

I once read that ‘the road to success always seems to be under construction’…I think life would get old fast if we didn’t have detours along our paths. In fact I think it’s all the rocks hitting our windshields, mud on our tires, and bugs on our windows that help to shape who we ultimately are, and the way that people see us…they allow us to develop our personality! You really wouldn’t appreciate a clean car if you didn’t know a dirty one. (Haha, I think this analogy came about because I washed and vacuumed my car today! It looks impeccable lol.)

So in conclusion, I’m thankful for my Dad’s example. Not necessary for what we found out today, but for the way that he approaches it, and for the way that this rock is shaping us. If I can amount to a portion of what my Dad is to me, I know I’ll be successful in life. I’m a lucky gal to have him. Till next time!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bowling 6/12/10

Today we celebrated Little T's (Tiffany's) birthday. (her birthday's really the 14th of June, she'll be out of town!) She decided that for her birthday she wanted to go bowling. Despite getting rather distracted by the camera we all had a great time. Holly took her A-Game and won both of the games we played!

Frita (Me!), and Frita (Holly)

My Little Butchero/Butch/Paigey Panzy (French Accent is necessary) (Paige), Frita (Holly), Mother/Mama (pronounced like a gangsta) (Mom)

Butch (Paige), Frita (Me), Mother (Mom), Little T/ Lil' T (Tiffany)

After we went bowling, we went out to dinner at Cafe Rio (Lil' T's choice, but also my favorite) and watched a movie. I love spending time with my fam! I think that T had a happy birthday, haha, I know that I had fun celebrating with her. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lagoon 6/10/10

To say that my parents have never been keen on the idea of taking my family to Lagoon is a bit of an understatement. I grew up living approximately an hour away from the park, and yet, can only remember going once when I was a tiny girl…My family was enthusiastic about going to Disneyland…why not Lagoon?

A few days ago my sister called my Mom letting her know that she had some tickets to the park from work for just $10.00. She then proceeded to extend an invitation to us to join her, we did. The prospect of finally finding out what people find so enticing about Lagoon, and experiencing it for myself, left me looking forward to the trip.

I arrived at Lagoon around 11:30 to find my sister and Mom kindly waiting for me at the front gates. We went into the park and rode rides for a bit. I haven't ridden a roller coaster for a couple years, but expected to enjoy it as I always did growing up…I was stunned to discover that I don't think I enjoy amusement parks much!

I used to brush away any nausea and headaches that I got from riding rides, but today I saw absolutely no point in making my body feel sick. Turns out, I actually prefer something a little less boisterous than sitting in a cart with my head pressed against a seat so I don't get whip lash, trying to watch a track so I don't get sick, piercing music penetrating around me, loud voices everywhere, dirty everything, and crowds galore.

While there we noticed that there was a performance at 1:30. I normally enjoy performances and suggested we watch. The show consisted of eight young women and men that sang and danced to different Broadway songs. I felt like I was watching people at a get-together that decided to group up and put on a show for the party-goers. I was appalled…I looked around to see if everyone else was as well, only to discover people genuinely impressed by what they were watching. As I sat through most of the show looking around and thinking (I had a rather difficult time watching what was happening on stage, and left early) I realized that I'm relieved that's not all I've been exposed to, and that I'm glad I wasn't impressed by what was happening. I'm thankful I've learnt what is and isn't good dancing, singing, and acting. I'm also really happy that I've been able to experience professional performances, and that technologies advanced enough that I can search for quality performances, and find what does intrigue me.

The one ride that I did enjoy, that I could do over and over again is the rocket. You sit in a seat, with a harness so you don’t fly out, and then you shoot straight up very quickly. I like it because you can see so far when you get to the top of the ride, you lose your stomach on the way up and down, and I get nervous and full of adrenaline before it blasts the group in the air (especially because you don't know exactly when you will be blasted up). That ride was wonderful.

I suppose I will never fully understand why adults are drawn to Lagoon. Experiencing the park firsthand was…well, I'm not quite sure how to articulate what it was (other than what I've already mentioned). Regardless, I'm very happy to be home. My Lagoon day was totally different than I imagined it would be, I'm glad I got in for the price I did. I have also learned things about myself today that I didn't expect to learn. Namely, I feel like I'm more aware of my body than I used to be, in terms of what does and doesn't feel good (roller coasters don't). Second, I prefer less over more (I'm talking music, noise, attractions, people, etc.), I think I enjoy learning, or touring, or just doing something somewhat relaxing instead, and finally, I learned that I'm in absolute harmony with my parents opinions on Lagoon lol.

Monday, June 7, 2010

6/5/10 Tandem Ride

So, Saturday morning I woke up to find out that two of my sisters and our friend were going on a double tandem bike ride from my house up to the Herriman reservoir. They needed another rider, so I happily consented to go. Realizing that it was sunny outside, and not wanting to get a horrible tan line, but also not deeming it appropriate to wear my swimming suit as I biked across the valley, I stuck on bikers, (how fitting :)) and a tank top. We were off.

I thoroughly enjoyed that it was warm outside, not too hot, and not too cold. The reason that the Herriman reservoir was chosen to be our destination was because the ride there is primarily uphill, leaving the ride back home mostly downhill.

Tandem riding is great fun, my sister and I got our bike for Christmas a few ago and it has been well used. In fact the bike has been so well used that every once in awhile when riding the chain will get caught, if you know the bike, you can pedal backwards a certain amount and get the chain fixed while riding and continue onward with no problem. We found this obnoxiously necessary to do throughout the ride.

After riding awhile we came to the hills against the southern mountains of the valley that we needed to climb to reach our destination (Okay, we only actually had to get about a fourth the way up the mountain). We determined that this would be best achieved by obtaining as much momentum as possible and then pedaling up the hill, subsequent to the first hill we would continue climbing the other hills by just going off of brute strength…it didn’t work. The chain kept repeatedly getting caught, so while we were going uphill we would have to try and pedal backwards a bit so that we could keep riding the bike. After pedaling backwards all momentum would be gone, and we were not strong enough to continue riding…in short we looked ridiculous. Walking up the last two hills was humiliating; nevertheless, we finally made it to the reservoir.

Herriman reservoir is a quaint little place that immediately lightened my previously peeved mood that had set in while walking up the hills. I set down our bike and saw that my sister was sticking her feet in the water; because I didn’t want to take off my shoes I opted to sticking my finger in the water for a second instead. Surprisingly the water was not ice cold, I now plan on going swimming there sometime this summer. Sunny as it was we decided that perhaps we ought to put on sunscreen before venturing home.

The highlight of our adventure was the view while coasting down the mountain. We could see across the entire valley, and had nothing but cool air blowing onto our hot faces. Not being especially familiar with Herriman caused me to take a different route home than I initially had in mind, but we made it in a direct pathway avoiding hills that I thought we would have to climb on our return! Two and a half hours later I bounced into my house grateful for air conditioning. Since this escapade I look like a lobster. An uneven lobster, I am redder on the left side of my body (it took much longer to go uphill than it did down). All in all I have concluded that I had a great time, hopefully I’ll go on another bike ride again sometime this summer!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Never in my life did I think I would be a blogger. Yet, here I am…blogging. In all honesty I have thought about starting a blog for quite sometime, however, have never acted upon it because I didn’t want to risk having people read what I have to say and taking offense. I have come to the realization that no matter whom someone is, or what one says, speculation will always be prevalent. My sincere desire with this blog is to record life from my perspective. I hope that if you choose to read my blog you keep in mind that this blog is for me to talk about life the way I see it. Never will I say anything to intentionally antagonize anyone or anything. If offense is ever taken, please talk to me about it, and/or simply stop reading my posts. : ) Reasoning for my blog is simple enough, I enjoy writing, getting my ideas and thoughts out, and a blog seemed like a simple way to do so. I enjoy hearing others ideas also, so please, don’t hesitate to give feedback!