Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bowling 6/12/10

Today we celebrated Little T's (Tiffany's) birthday. (her birthday's really the 14th of June, she'll be out of town!) She decided that for her birthday she wanted to go bowling. Despite getting rather distracted by the camera we all had a great time. Holly took her A-Game and won both of the games we played!

Frita (Me!), and Frita (Holly)

My Little Butchero/Butch/Paigey Panzy (French Accent is necessary) (Paige), Frita (Holly), Mother/Mama (pronounced like a gangsta) (Mom)

Butch (Paige), Frita (Me), Mother (Mom), Little T/ Lil' T (Tiffany)

After we went bowling, we went out to dinner at Cafe Rio (Lil' T's choice, but also my favorite) and watched a movie. I love spending time with my fam! I think that T had a happy birthday, haha, I know that I had fun celebrating with her. :)

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