Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July

Breakdown of my 24th of July... Saturday I went on a hike to Cecret Lake with some of the fam! I got to carry my little niece on the way up (on one of those hiker packs that the baby is strapped to the front of you). I loved hiking as I listened to her jabber away about nothing I could understand in front of me. The view at the top of the mountain was beautiful, and Cecret Lake was nice to look at. I think it is remarkable how protective people instinctively are…never in my life have I liked heights. Whenever I have hiked in the past, which is not often, I walk as close to the mountain as possible. Hiking with my nieces and nephews was a whole new experience. All previous apprehension I have for heights seemed to diminish when I had a child next to me, I automatically took the edge of the mountain and made sure that my nieces and nephews were on the inside. I didn't have time to think about myself for a moment; the entire experience was so nice because I concentrated on them the whole time! Haha, it's hard to think about yourself when your mind is occupied with a baby attached to the front of you, another niece holding your hand that you're helping to stay stable, and a wailing nephew behind you because he is afraid of the height. It reminds me of life, things might be kinda crazy when you're juggling a bunch, but I'm way happier when I concentrate on others!

We got back to my house around four in the evening. About five, some of my family (different than had come on the hike) came over for dinner. We celebrated two birthdays and just talked. I got two new pairs of pointe shoes sewn as I socialized. Summer nights outside on the back porch are one of my favorite things. I enjoy the warm air, company, and beautiful sky. Hope all ya'll had a great holiday as well. : )

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