Monday, June 14, 2010

Hero 6/13/10

Hello blogging world! I have decided I thoroughly enjoy blogging, so despite having just blogged yesterday, have made time to blog more today. :)

A few months ago my Dad started to have a lot of swelling in his legs and feet, although hesitant to meet with the doctor he finally made the decision to go in a few weeks ago. When he went in they discovered that there is something going on with his heart. Today he had a meeting with the cardiologist to find out results from his tests…the test results weren’t what we were hoping for…an appointment will be made soon to determine whether or not open heart surgery is necessary.

As I talked to my Mom to find out what went down at the doctor, and have thought since, I haven’t known where to place my emotions. Instead I have again determined one truth that I’ve known my entire life, my Dad amazes me; he has and always will be one of my hero’s. Never have I met anyone as positive and happy as my Dad despite the trials that have been thrown at him in life.

He approaches everything as an optimist, and remains so, no matter the circumstances. Dean Acheson once said “I learned from the example of my father, that the manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured.” This quote reigns true in my Father’s example for me; he will forever be my exemplar.

I once read that ‘the road to success always seems to be under construction’…I think life would get old fast if we didn’t have detours along our paths. In fact I think it’s all the rocks hitting our windshields, mud on our tires, and bugs on our windows that help to shape who we ultimately are, and the way that people see us…they allow us to develop our personality! You really wouldn’t appreciate a clean car if you didn’t know a dirty one. (Haha, I think this analogy came about because I washed and vacuumed my car today! It looks impeccable lol.)

So in conclusion, I’m thankful for my Dad’s example. Not necessary for what we found out today, but for the way that he approaches it, and for the way that this rock is shaping us. If I can amount to a portion of what my Dad is to me, I know I’ll be successful in life. I’m a lucky gal to have him. Till next time!

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