Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lagoon 6/10/10

To say that my parents have never been keen on the idea of taking my family to Lagoon is a bit of an understatement. I grew up living approximately an hour away from the park, and yet, can only remember going once when I was a tiny girl…My family was enthusiastic about going to Disneyland…why not Lagoon?

A few days ago my sister called my Mom letting her know that she had some tickets to the park from work for just $10.00. She then proceeded to extend an invitation to us to join her, we did. The prospect of finally finding out what people find so enticing about Lagoon, and experiencing it for myself, left me looking forward to the trip.

I arrived at Lagoon around 11:30 to find my sister and Mom kindly waiting for me at the front gates. We went into the park and rode rides for a bit. I haven't ridden a roller coaster for a couple years, but expected to enjoy it as I always did growing up…I was stunned to discover that I don't think I enjoy amusement parks much!

I used to brush away any nausea and headaches that I got from riding rides, but today I saw absolutely no point in making my body feel sick. Turns out, I actually prefer something a little less boisterous than sitting in a cart with my head pressed against a seat so I don't get whip lash, trying to watch a track so I don't get sick, piercing music penetrating around me, loud voices everywhere, dirty everything, and crowds galore.

While there we noticed that there was a performance at 1:30. I normally enjoy performances and suggested we watch. The show consisted of eight young women and men that sang and danced to different Broadway songs. I felt like I was watching people at a get-together that decided to group up and put on a show for the party-goers. I was appalled…I looked around to see if everyone else was as well, only to discover people genuinely impressed by what they were watching. As I sat through most of the show looking around and thinking (I had a rather difficult time watching what was happening on stage, and left early) I realized that I'm relieved that's not all I've been exposed to, and that I'm glad I wasn't impressed by what was happening. I'm thankful I've learnt what is and isn't good dancing, singing, and acting. I'm also really happy that I've been able to experience professional performances, and that technologies advanced enough that I can search for quality performances, and find what does intrigue me.

The one ride that I did enjoy, that I could do over and over again is the rocket. You sit in a seat, with a harness so you don’t fly out, and then you shoot straight up very quickly. I like it because you can see so far when you get to the top of the ride, you lose your stomach on the way up and down, and I get nervous and full of adrenaline before it blasts the group in the air (especially because you don't know exactly when you will be blasted up). That ride was wonderful.

I suppose I will never fully understand why adults are drawn to Lagoon. Experiencing the park firsthand was…well, I'm not quite sure how to articulate what it was (other than what I've already mentioned). Regardless, I'm very happy to be home. My Lagoon day was totally different than I imagined it would be, I'm glad I got in for the price I did. I have also learned things about myself today that I didn't expect to learn. Namely, I feel like I'm more aware of my body than I used to be, in terms of what does and doesn't feel good (roller coasters don't). Second, I prefer less over more (I'm talking music, noise, attractions, people, etc.), I think I enjoy learning, or touring, or just doing something somewhat relaxing instead, and finally, I learned that I'm in absolute harmony with my parents opinions on Lagoon lol.


  1. hahahah Sheri, this was slightly pessimistic. But its just your personal opinion on your lagoon experience, nothing wrong with that! I love you, and its crazy that you liked the rocket. That ride simply scares the crap out of me! To be honest i have never been on it, but i am not planning on ever getting on it; just the look of it gives me the creeps.

  2. Steve says AMEN to this post... he hates lagoon.. he says it's dirty and all the rides there exist only to make you sick!